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Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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MS Victoria & Albert Museum (FC). Date: Handwriting suggests early 1838. Forster was ill on Thurs 25 Jan (and therefore unable to review Macready's King Lear);2 CD was probably writing on Tues 23 Jan.

Doughty Street. | Tuesday Morning

My Dear Forster

I am very sorry to hear you are still unwell, and will call upon you in Lincolns Inn Fields tomorrow. I shall be exceedingly glad to see you there, once again.

I will write to the Serjeant and inform him of the contents of your note.

  • Ever Faithfully Yours
  •            Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
2 "Severe indisposition prevented our witnessing it", he wrote in the Examiner, 28 Jan 38; "but we hope to do so and to write of it next week." In fact, the review of 4 Feb ("The Restoration of Shakespeare's 'Lear' to the Stage") was by CD; and a paragraph praising the performance, quoted by Forster on 28 Jan as by "a friend on whose judgement we have thorough reliance", may have been by CD too.
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