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Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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To R. H. BARHAM, [12 DECEMBER 1838]

Text from N, i, 171. Date: clearly enclosing last.

Doughty Street | Wednesday Evening

My Dear Sir,

Accept a thousand thanks for the Epistle which found me cogitating the next number of Nicholas, and instantly took me away from it to write an answer, which I inclose. I send it open for your edification, but when you have read it pray seal it with a very large seal, in order that it may bear an pg 468appearance of becoming form and gravity. The communication to which it is a reply, has amused me highly.1

When do you mean to send me those "fugitive pieces" concerning the rebellion in the [Garrick]?2 I am in the last stage of hope deferred.

  • My Dear Sir
  •   Always faithfully yours
  •    [Charles Dickens]

My best remembrances to your son,3 and congratulations on his honors.4

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Editor’s Note
1 Barham, who had transmitted the letter, was an old friend of the Hughes family.
Editor’s Note
2 N reads "Gaviete", almost certainly a misreading of "Garrick"—of which Barham was a prominent member. There had clearly been dissension within the Club since early 1837: Macready, Forster, and later on CD, had been involved. Macready recorded on 26 Dec 37 that "Dickens, Cattermole and Forster … all mentioned their intention of quitting the Garrick Club. Forster wished all to go in a body, which I protested against" (Diaries, i, 435). Macready finally resigned in Apr 38 and CD in Nov 38. Forster did not resign. See also Diaries, i, 495.
Editor’s Note
3 Richard Harris Dalton Barham (1815–86), then at Oriel, Oxford. Had published "A Tale of Grammarye" in the Miscellany (Jan 38, III, 91) and illustrated "The Spectre of Tappington" for his father; contributed eight more pieces 1839–43. Rector of Lolworth, Cambs, 1839–75. Published his father's Life and Letters, 2 vols, 1870.
Editor’s Note
4 No doubt his BA degree, conferred on 22 Nov.
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