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Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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MS Victoria & Albert Museum (FC). Date: Handwriting suggests late 1838; Mrs Macready gave birth to a son (Henry Frederick Bulwer) on 21 Dec; perhaps CD was writing on the 24th, expecting to hear news of her at the rehearsal of the Covent Garden pantomime that evening (see Diary, p. 637). Address: John Forster Esquire | 58 Lincolns Inn Fields.

Doughty Street. | Monday Morning

My Dear Forster.

I yield to the sore temptation, hereby recording a Vow not to stir out of doors tomorrow.

Not quite so well this morning, which I hope5 arises as much from Physic (not Mr. Austin's) as anything else. I don't know about Mrs. Macready,6 but perhaps shall know better to-night.

Ever Yours. CD.

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Editor’s Note
5 "hope" written above "think" cancelled; "perhaps from" cancelled after "arises".
Editor’s Note
6 Macready's first wife, Catherine Frances Atkins (1805–52); an actress before their marriage in 1824. They had ten children.
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