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William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Chester L. Shaver (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 1: The Early Years: 1787–1805 (Second Revised Edition)

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145. W. W. to MESSRS. BIGGS and COTTLE

  • Address: Messrs Biggs and Cottle, Printers | St. Augustine's Back | Bristol
  • Stamp: Keswick.
  • MS. Yale Univ. Lib. White(—), 26. CL(—), i. 637.

[Grasmere, c. 15 Oct. 1800]1

[This letter contains, in D. W's hand, the conclusion of A Poet's Epitaph (beginning with the last line of the third stanza), A Character in the Antithetical Manner, A Fragment (i.e. The Danish Boy), followed by a series of asterisks. Then in W. W.'s hand:]

Print asterisks as here

[Then in D. W.'s hand:]

(N. B. For the order in which the following poems are to be printed and for an advertisement and title page to be prefixed to them See the end of this Sheet)

[Then in D. W.'s hand It Was an April Morning, where before the line 'Soon did the spot become my other home' she places an asterisk and a dash, and notes:]

N. B. this mark is for a break, thus,—

[Then To Joanna; then, in S. T. C.'s hand:]

To the Printer. The poems beginning at "It was an April Morning" are to have a separate Title page and advertisement. pg 306The Title Page to be Poems on the Naming of Places. The Advertisement as follows: Advertisement. By Persons resident in the country and attached to rural objects, many places will be found unnamed or of unknown names, where little Incidents will have occurred, or feelings been experienced, which will have given to such places a private and peculiar Interest. From a wish to give some sort of record to such Incidents or renew the gratification of such Feelings Names have been given to Places by the Author and some of his Friends and the following Poems written in consequence.


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Editor’s Note
1 This letter was a sequel to one (supposedly lost) sent on 10 Oct. which contained The Old Cumberland Beggar, Rural Architecture, and the first part of A Poet's Epitaph. It was written between 13 Oct., when D. W. 'copied poems on the Naming of Places', and 15–16 Oct., when W. W. was at Keswick and presumably dictated to S. T. C. the Advertisement to this group of poems.
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