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William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Mary Moorman (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 2: The Middle Years: Part I: 1806–1811 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Mrs. Clarkson, Mr Clarkson's, Purfleet
  • MS. Cornell.
  • Broughton, p. 51.

  • [April 1806]
  • Thursday Morn.

My dear Mrs Clarkson,

The contents of this Letter are chiefly intended for Mr Clarkson though I choose rather to address it to you for the pleasure of talking to you.

I learn from Sara H: that Mr Montague1 is desirous of letting a farm of his called Sandleford if he could get a desireable Tenant: it is described to be in Berkshire near Newbury a good market Town: there are 400 acres including the Park but they are not sure that Mr M—would let the Park as he always resides there in summer. Tom2 says I think Sandleford is likely to suit if the Park goes along with it, but not otherwise. I wish that you (that is I W. W.) would speak to Mr Clarkson about it, and he will apply to Mr M—. She concludes by saying as Mr M. is desirous of letting Sandleford there can be no impropriety in Mr C. asking the particulars.

—This was my business.—I am very sorry I did not see Mr C. when he called the other day: he left no message when I might find him in Town. it gave me great joy to hear that you were better. I understand you mean to come to Town to L. Melville's3 trial if so, I should like better to see you in Town than to go to Purfleet:4 as from Mary's situation my stay here must be limited and I have to go to my Uncle Cookson's which will take 3 days a large lump out of my short allowance. I am here to see everything and every Body good bad great little &c &c that I can.—If you do not come to town I shall certainly see you at Purfleet: farewell my dear Friend: I long to hear about your husbands work. I write in extreme pg 23hurry: this is the 4th letter I have written this morning before breakfast: there's for you farewell again!

  • Your most affectionate friend     
  • W. Wordsworth    

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Editor’s Note
1 Matthew Montagu (1762-1831), M.P.; in 1829 he became the fourth Lord Rokeby.
Editor’s Note
2 i.e. Tom Hutchinson, M. W.'s brother.
Editor’s Note
4 The home of Thomas Clarkson's brother, John Clarkson.
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