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Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 3: Miscellaneous Sonnets; Memorials of Various Tours; Poems to National Independence and Liberty; The Egyptian Maid; The River Duddon Series; The White Doe and Other Narrative Poems; Ecclesiastical Sonnets (Second Edition)

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  • 1"Change me, some God, into that breathing rose!"
  • 2The love-sick Stripling fancifully sighs,
  • 3The envied flower beholding, as it lies
  • 4On Laura's breast, in exquisite repose;
  • 5Or he would pass into her bird, that throws
  • pg 2496The darts of song from out its wiry cage;
  • 7Enraptured,—could he for himself engage
  • 8The thousandth part of what the Nymph bestows;
  • 9And what the little careless innocent
  • 10Ungraciously receives. Too daring choice!
  • Critical Apparatus11There are whose calmer mind it would content
  • 12To be an unculled floweret of the glen,
  • 13Fearless of plough and scythe; or darkling wren
  • 14That tunes on Duddon's banks her slender voice.

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Critical Apparatus
VII. 11 calmer mind] humbler wish MS.
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