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William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 3: Miscellaneous Sonnets; Memorials of Various Tours; Poems to National Independence and Liberty; The Egyptian Maid; The River Duddon Series; The White Doe and Other Narrative Poems; Ecclesiastical Sonnets (Second Edition)

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[Composed probably 1810.—Published 1815.]

  • 1Avaunt all specious pliancy of mind
  • 2In men of low degree, all smooth pretence!
  • 3I better like a blunt indifference,
  • 4And self-respecting slowness, disinclined
  • 5To win me at first sight: and be there joined
  • 6Patience and temperance with this high reserve,
  • 7Honour that knows the path and will not swerve;
  • 8Affections which, if put to proof, are kind;
  • pg 1389And piety towards God. Such men of old
  • 10Were England's native growth; and, throughout Spain,
  • Critical Apparatus11(Thanks to high God) forests of such remain:
  • 12Then for that Country let our hopes be bold;
  • 13For matched with these shall policy prove vain,
  • 14Her arts, her strength, her iron, and her gold.

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Critical Apparatus
XXVIII. 11 so 1837: Forests of such do at this day remain 1815–32
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