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William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 3: Miscellaneous Sonnets; Memorials of Various Tours; Poems to National Independence and Liberty; The Egyptian Maid; The River Duddon Series; The White Doe and Other Narrative Poems; Ecclesiastical Sonnets (Second Edition)

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pg 355XXVIIIinfluence abused

  • 1Urged by Ambition, who with subtlest skill
  • 2Changes her means, the Enthusiast as a dupe
  • 3Shall soar, and as a hypocrite can stoop,
  • 4And turn the instruments of good to ill,
  • 5Moulding the credulous people to his will.
  • 6Such Dunstan:—from its Benedictine coop
  • 7Issues the master Mind, at whose fell swoop
  • 8The chaste affections tremble to fulfil
  • 9Their purposes. Behold, pre-signified,
  • 10The Might of spiritual sway! his thoughts, his dreams,
  • 11Do in the supernatural world abide:
  • Critical Apparatus12So vaunt a throng of Followers, filled with pride
  • Critical Apparatus13In what they see of virtues pushed to extremes,
  • 14And sorceries of talent misapplied.

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Critical Apparatus
XXVIII. 12 filled] swoln 1838 only
Critical Apparatus
13 so 1837: In shows of virtue pushed to its extremes 1822–32
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