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William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 3: Miscellaneous Sonnets; Memorials of Various Tours; Poems to National Independence and Liberty; The Egyptian Maid; The River Duddon Series; The White Doe and Other Narrative Poems; Ecclesiastical Sonnets (Second Edition)

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[Composed?—Published 1845.]

  • Critical Apparatus1Bishops and Priests, blessèd are ye, if deep
  • 2(As yours above all offices is high)
  • 3Deep in your hearts the sense of duty lie;
  • 4Charged as ye are by Christ to feed and keep
  • 5From wolves your portion of His chosen sheep:
  • 6Labouring as ever in your Master's sight,
  • 7Making your hardest task your best delight,
  • 8What perfect glory ye in Heaven shall reap!—
  • 9But in the solemn Office which ye sought
  • 10And undertook premonished, if unsound
  • 11Your practice prove, faithless though but in thought,
  • 12Bishops and Priests, think what a gulf profound
  • 13Awaits you then, if they were rightly taught
  • 14Who framed the Ordinance by your lives disowned!

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Critical Apparatus
XVI. I blessèd] how blest MS.
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