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Helen Gardner (ed.), John Donne: The Elegies and The Songs and Sonnets

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Breake of Day

  • Editor’s Note13Must businesse thee from hence remove?
  • 14Oh, that's the worst disease of love,
  • pg 3615The poore, the foule, the false, love can
  • 16Admit, but not the busied man.
  • Critical Apparatus17He which hath businesse, and makes love, doth doe
  • Critical Apparatus18Such wrong, as when a maryed man doth wooe.

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Critical Apparatus
2 O wilt thou] Wilt thou L 74, TC, S 96, HK 2: And will you O'F, B: Will you JC
therefore] Omit H 40, C 57, H 49, S
Critical Apparatus
4. 'twas] t'was 1633 uncorrected
Critical Apparatus
5 spight] despight H 40, C 57, H 49, L 74, TC, S
Critical Apparatus
6 keepe] hould L 74, TC, S 96, HK 2
Critical Apparatus
9 were] is L 74, TC, Dob, O'F, S 96, HK 2, P,S
Editor’s Note
ll. 9–12. were … lov'd … had. It seems more probable that the subjunctive after a conditional clause and the past tenses of indirect speech preserving sequence would be changed in transmission to the present 'islove hath' (L 74, II, HK 2, &c.) than that the reverse change should take place.
Critical Apparatus
11 lov'd] love L 74, TC, O'F, B, JC
Critical Apparatus
11 so,] so 1633 uncorrected
Critical Apparatus
12 had] hath L 74, TC, Dob, O'F, S 96, HK 2, P, A 25, B, JC
Editor’s Note
ll. 13–18. Must businesse thee from hence remove, &c. Grierson quotes:
It is a good definition of ill love, that St. Chrysostom gives, that it is Animae vacantis pernio, a passion of an empty soul, of an idle mind. For fill a man with business, and he hath no room for such love (Sermons, iv. 121).
Critical Apparatus
17 which] that L 74, TC, O'F, HK 2, P, A 25, B, JC
Critical Apparatus
18 when … doth] if … should L 74, TC, O'F, HK 2, B, JC
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