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William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt, Alan G. Hill, and Mary Moorman (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 3: The Middle Years: Part II: 1812–1820 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Mr Hutton, Solicitor, Penrith.
  • Franked: Lonsdale.
  • Endorsed: 21 Oct 1816. From Wm. Wordsworth Esq
  • Stamp: Whitehaven.
  • MS. WL.
  • MY ii. 568, p. 754.

  • Castle Whitehaven Tuesday
  • Octr 21st 1816

My dear Sir,

The enclosed has just been forwarded to me from home.

I cannot say to whom the Bond was offered for sale—all I know on the subject is what I heard from you; who, I think, mentioned that Godwyn had offered it to Mr Dover; and what I heard generally pg 341upon the subject from Mrs Wordsworth. Will you be so kind as to write to Mr Addison if you have any information to communicate on the point that would be of use.—

Be so good as to write your opinion to Mr Addison or my Brother, on the subject of proving the Will—it is a matter upon which I have no suggestions to offer, being utterly ignorant about the mode of doing these things.

Mr Wood1 writes me that Mr Senhouse is willing to give £395 for the field, he shall have it.

  • most truly yours    
  • W. Wordsworth  

P.S. I return home to morrow or next day.

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Editor’s Note
1 A Cockermouth attorney. See L. 429.
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