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Charles Dickens

Madeline House, Graham Storey, and Kathleen Mary Tillotson (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 3: 1842–1843

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MS Chicago University Library.

1 Devonshire Terrace | Thirteenth January 1843.

Mr. Charles Dickens presents his compliments to [Lady Burdett]2 and begs to express (with Compliments to [Sir Francis])3 the great regret it gives him to be already engaged on Monday, and therefore unable to dine in [Saint James's Place].4

Mr. Dickens begs, at the same time, to forward to [Lady Burdett], two very small Mineral Specimens from America, which he brought home expressly for [her]. The yellow piece, is Virginia Marble;5 and the dark piece is from Niagara.6 He brought it away from behind the Great Horse Shoe Fall, where it formed a portion of the cavern worn into the Rock by the mere spray of the Cascade in tumbling over from the height above. It has been saturated in its dismal home, for Ages.

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Editor’s Note
2 See next; the name has been cut out.
Editor’s Note
3 Name cut out.
Editor’s Note
4 About 20 letters cut out.
Editor’s Note
5 Small amounts of marble were found in Virginia.
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