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Charles Dickens

Madeline House, Graham Storey, and Kathleen Mary Tillotson (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 3: 1842–1843

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MS Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Address: David Colden Esquire | New York.

Tremont House, Boston. | January Thirty First 1842.

My Dear Sir.

I thank the Committee very much; and have booked Monday the Fourteenth for the Ball.2 Be assured that there is no likelihood of my forming any other engagement for that Evening.3

pg 42In the matter of my first appearance before my friends in New York, I shall be so proud to avail myself of that first opportunity of meeting them, that I shall put myself wholly into the hands of the Committee, and lead quite a secluded life until they "bring me out".1

We shall be delighted to dine with you on the Sunday, and also to go to church with you2if we are not too tired out by the business of the previous week, to get up early enough.

Mrs. Dickens unites with me in cordial Regards.

  •                               Always believe me | My Dear Sir
  •                                                        Faithfully Yours
  • David Colden Esquire                                   Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
2 See Colden's letter of the 29th (To Colden, 28 Jan, fn).
Editor’s Note
3 This was in answer to Colden's message that the Committee would "esteem it a favor if he [would] make no other engagement for the same evening".
Editor’s Note
1 Colden had added: "As the entertainment which my friends are preparing for your reception, will be somewhat novel in its character and as they trust more than usually brilliant, they hope that you will permit this to be your first appearance in a public assemblage of our fellow citizens, and allow the Committee the honor of being the first to present you to them" (MS Forster Collection, V & A).
Editor’s Note
2 Colden had renewed his invitation of 27 Jan (To Morris, 28 Jan, fn).
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