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Charles Dickens

Madeline House, Graham Storey, and Kathleen Mary Tillotson (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 3: 1842–1843

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MS Huntington Library.

City Hotel, Hertford2 | Seventh February 1842.

Mr. Charles Dickens presents his compliments to Miss Tuthill, and begs to thank her, both for her book,3 and her most acceptable and welcome note. Mr. Dickens has not the heart to say "Dear Madam", which has even a more formal appearance than this mode of address.—He is cordially obliged to her; and earnestly assures her that she was not mistaken in supposing that her gift would be received and acknowledged with pleasure.

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Editor’s Note
1 Cornelia Louisa Tuthill (1820–70), later Mrs Pierson, eldest daughter of the Rev. Cornelius Tuthill, of New Haven, and of the authoress Louisa Tuthill. She wrote religious and children's books, and abridged Southey's The Book of the Church, Boston, 1843.
Editor’s Note
2 Mis-spelt thus by CD while staying at Hartford and afterwards, though correctly spelt before he went there. For his weekend at Worcester 5–7 Feb, see To Forster, 17 Feb and fn.
Editor’s Note
3 No book of hers published by this date has been found.
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