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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • MS. Cornell.
  • Mem. (—). Grosart (—). K (—). LY i. 505 (—). Broughton, p. 42.

[Sept. 1830]

My dear Mr Gordon,

How sorry we are that you have had so much trouble about the Books—Before this is closed I shall see Mr [Troughton]1—the direction I received from himself—I suppose the case is, that Parcels are forwarded to him not directly, but through the hands of Troughton's Kendal Correspondent—but I shall learn—

We have had more favorable Accounts of Wm—in as much as he appears from his Letters to be in excellent spirits, and is silent upon the subject of his health—so that we doubt not that he is recovering his strength.—Thanks for your hint about Rhenish, strength from wine is good—from water still better.

One is glad to see tyranny baffled, and foolishness put to shame. But the French King and his Ministers will be unfairly judged by all those who take not into consideration the difficulties of their pg 320position.1 It is not to be doubted, that there has long existed a determination, and that plans have been laid, to destroy the Government which the French received, as they felt, at the hands of the Allies—and their2 pride could not bear—Moreover, the Constitution, had it been their own choice, would by this time have lost favor in the eyes of the French; as not sufficiently democratic for the high notion that People entertain of their fitness to govern themselves—Nous verrons—but for my own part, I'd rather fill the office of a Parish Beadle, than sit on the throne where the Duke of Orleans has suffered himself to be placed.—

The heat is gone and but that we have too much rain again, the Country would be enchanting—

With a thousand thanks I remain ever yours

Wm Wordsworth

[M. W. writes]

Parcels for Rydal Mount must be directed to Mr Troughton, Ambleside, to the care of Mr Richardson, Bookseller, Kendal, and sent to Whittaker and Co Ave Maria Lane to be forwarded by their first Parcel.

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Editor’s Note
1 MS. obscure.
Editor’s Note
2 their written twice.
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