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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 434641. W. W. to SIR WALTER SCOTT

  • Address: Sir Walter Scott Bart: Abbotsford, Melrose.
  • Postmark: 16 Sept.
  • Stamp: Carlisle.
  • Endorsed: Wordsworth Sept. 1831.
  • MS. National Library of Scotland.
  • K (—). LY ii. 574.

[In Dora W's hand]

Carlisle, Friday Eveng Sept. 16th [1831]

My dear Sir Walter,

'There's a man wi' a veil, and a lass drivin',' exclaimed a little urchin, as we entered 'merrie Carlisle' a couple of hours ago, on our way to Abbotsford. From the words you will infer, and truly, that my eyes are in but a poor state—I was determined however to see you and yours, and to give my daughter the same pleasure at all hazards; accordingly I left home last Tuesday, but was detained two entire days at Halsteads on Ullswater by a serious increase of my complaint—this morning I felt so much better that we ventured to proceed, tomorrow we hope to sleep at Langholm, on Sunday at Hawick, and on Monday, if the distance be not greater than we suppose, under your roof.

In my former letter I mentioned a nephew of mine, a student of Christ Ch:,1 and I may add, a distinguished one, to whom (so far did I presume upon your kindness) I could not but allow the pleasure of accompanying us—he has taken the Newcastle road into Scotland, hoping to join us at Abbotsford on Tuesday, and I mention him now from an apprehension of being again retarded by my eyes, and to beg that if he should arrive before us he may be no restraint upon you whatever.—Let him loose in your library, or on the Tweed with his fishing-rod, or in the Stubbles with his gun (he is but a novice of a shot, by-the-bye) and he will be no trouble to any part of your family.

With kindest regards to Miss Scott and to Mr and Mrs Lockhart if still as we hope with you, in which my Daughter unites, and with the same for yourself and a thousand good wishes

  • I remain my dear Sir Walter      
  • very affectionately yours      
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth      

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Editor’s Note
1 Charles Wordsworth had been elected a Student of Christ Church in 1827.
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