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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Vincent Novello, Esqre, 67 Frith St, Soho Square, London [In M. W's hand]
  • Stamp: Kendal Penny Post.
  • MS. Cornell.
  • LY i. 507.

[? mid-Dec. 1832]

My dear Sir,

There was not the least occasion to make an apology for your letter to which I reply by return of post, the Master of Trinity being now under my roof. I have put your letter into his hands, and he will take it with him to Cambridge whither he goes in a few days. He bids me say that your application and letter will be treated with due consideration and respect; that the election will take place early in Febry and that application and testimonials ought to be addressed to the Master's Lodge, Trin: Coll. Cambridge, on or before the 20th of Janry. He adds that the choice will be made without favor or partiality, nothing being attended to but professional skill and character. I may add however on my own part pg 575that a testimonial from a gentleman so distinguished for professional abilities and Genius as Mr Novello will hardly fail of being duly appreciated.

Excuse extreme haste to [? serve]1 the Post, and believe me very

  • Sincerely yours            
  • Wm Wordsworth              

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Editor’s Note
1 It is impossible to be sure about the date of this letter. De Selincourt assigned it to Aug.–Sept. 1830; but it seems more likely to belong to Dec. 1832, when C. W. paid a brief visit to Rydal Mount, and to refer to the election of Thomas Attwood Walmisley (1814–56) as organist of Trinity early in 1833. Vincent Novello (1781–1861), organist, composer, and editor, author of the Life of Purcell, founded, with his son, the famous firm of musical publishers. He lived in Frith St. from 1830 to 1834. W. W. had probably already met him in London, for he had a wide circle of friends, including the Lambs (see Elia's 'Chapter on Ears') and the Leigh Hunts. His daughter Mary Cowden-Clarke wrote The Life and Labours of Vincent Novello, 1864.
Editor’s Note
1 MS. illegible.
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