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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 681804. W. W. to ALLAN CUNNINGHAM

  • Address: A. Cunningham Esqre, F. L. Chauntrys Esq, Lower Belgrave Place.
  • Postmark: 17 Jan. 1834.
  • Stamp: Oxford St.
  • MS. Mr. W. Hugh Peal.
  • K (—). LY ii. 693 (—).

[In M. W.'s hand]

[c. 13 Jan. 1834]

My dear Sir,

Perhaps you may not bear in mind that several years ago a wish was expressed by me1 to have 3 Plaster Casts of my Bust sent to near Relatives of mine; 2 of them to nephews who are fellows of Trinity Col: Cambridge, and reside there, and the third for my Daughter-in-law who lives at Moresby, near Whitehaven Cumberland. You were so kind as to say, that, out of consideration for whom they were intended, the expence shd be made as easy to me as possible. One of my nephews is now in my house,2 and reminds me so urgently of that promise that I feel obliged to fulfil it. I therefore do not scruple to recall the conversation to your recollection—not doubting but it will be as agreeable to yourself as to me to have my wishes so fulfilled.

Mr Moxon, from whom I heard yesterday tells me that you were gratified by my commendation of your Maid of Elvar3—it was read to me when I was unable to make use of my own eyes in that way. The little audience of my family were as much pleased as myself—and indeed I can sincerely say that the Poem is full of Spirit and poetic movement. We have also read the Vol: with pleasure, of your Lives of the Painters,4 containing that of my lamented friend Sir G. Beaumont. I wish I had seen the MS. before the book was printed, as I could have corrected some errors in matter of fact, and supplied some deficiencies. If this life should be re-printed shortly, I will with pleasure do this for you. I have also a copy of verses inspired by his memory5 that, if not too long—for I think they amount to between 50 and 60 lines—I would place at yr disposal for the same purpose.

I was gratified by learning from his handsome edn of Drummond which yr Son6 sent me, that he had taken a turn for Letters. Pray pg 682remember me kindly to him and to Mrs Cunningham, and also to Mr and Mrs Chauntry.

  • I remain my dr Sir           
  • faithfully your obliged Friend     
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth   

The Bust to Moresby may be sent by Sea directed to the Revd

  • J Wordsworth
  •     Moresby
  •       near Whitehaven.

  • The other to the Revd Cr. Wordsworth
  •     Trinity Col:
  •       Cambridge.

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Editor’s Note
2 C. W. jnr., who left for Cambridge the next day, probably taking this letter with him.
Editor’s Note
3 See L. 795 above. 4 The sixth and last volume, published in 1833.
Editor’s Note
5 See Elegiac Musings (PW iv. 270) and L. 582 above.
Editor’s Note
6 Peter Cunningham (see L. 779 above).
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