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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 6: The Later Years: Part III: 1835–1839 (Second Revised Edition)

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1115. W. W. to H. C. R.

  • Address: H. C. Robinson Esqre, 2 Plowdens Buildings, Temple.
  • Endorsed: 11th Feb: 1837, Mrs Wordsworth and W. W.
  • MS. Dr. Williams's Library.
  • K (—). Morley, 1. 337.

[The first part in M. W.'s hand]

  • Rydal Mount
  • 11th Feby 1837.

My dear Friend

Thanks for your letter, the reasonableness of wh throughout, I acknowledge—My present wish is, if you approve to go from Brighton by Steam to Dieppe, to Rouen and Paris: this shortens the land journey much—then to Challons and down the Soane and Rhone and by all means by the Cornice road forwards into Italy—

I like your account of your friend, and shall be glad that he or any other eligible person shd accompany us—there are many reasons why three persons are preferable to two, though of course there are objections. My son has spent too much money about his new house to be able to go along with us.

Now my dear Friend, consult with Mr Moxon, how my last vol: can be pushed thro' the press as fast as possible—all the copy is in the hands of the printer, except the postscript,1 which I pg 360could leave to be done by Mrs W. and my Clerk—There is nothing (except some fear of the Influenza seizing us on the road) save the printing of this work to prevent our setting off for Leamington in a very few days

  • Most faithfully           
  • Yours               
  • Wm Wordsworth  

All going on as usual at Home. Dora's health improving.

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Editor’s Note
1 The Postscript, 1835. In his letter of 3 Feb., H. C. R. had suggested the omission of this item from the new edition, and its separate publication as a pamphlet; and he went on to look forward to a collected edition of W. W.'s prose works. 'Hereafter perhaps the lovers of your poetry may be desirous to have your collected prose writings—your Convention of Cintra—your Letter on Burns, your poor law investigation and those other unacknowledged brochures which I have heard imputed to you—The Guide notwithstanding its humble title is much more congenial with your poems than any of these controversial writings. The Epitaphs you have very properly included—' (Morley, i. 337.)
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