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William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 6: The Later Years: Part III: 1835–1839 (Second Revised Edition)

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1248. W. W. to EDWARD MOXON

  • Address: Edward Moxon Esqre, 44 Dover Street.
  • MS. Henry E. Huntington Library.
  • K (—). LY ii. 942.

[In M. W.'s hand]

May 21 [1838]

My dear Mr Moxon,

A few days delay has been caused by a visit I have been paying to Lord Lonsdale at Lowther—but by this day's Post I send all the Notes and a short Advertisement and table of Contents—The volume will contain twelve1 New Sonnets. So that when I get the proofs back from the Printer—with the remainder of clean Sheets in order to see that the notes are referred properly to their respective pages—my part of the work will be over.

I cannot form a conjecture whether this Publication is a well advised one or no—if it should at all interfere with the sale of your Six vols, I shall exceedingly regret our having been persuaded to undertake it. I should wish to have a few vols of the Sonnets sent down here—and at the same time a doz. copies of the six vols, which you will charge me with, as heretofore. The Poems will be placed in the hands of the Bookseller at Ambleside who sells a Copy now and then—with no addl charge from me—by which means, she, being in a small way, and having no connection with London, gets a better profit than were she to procure them from a Country Bookseller, who has such connection.

The extension of term in Copy-right, whatsoever becomes of the principle during this Session, being both just and expedient pg 592is sure of being carried sooner or later. In the mean while, by being the single exception among Publishers who have united to oppose it, you have done yourself great honor—and acted to yr advantage also—depend upon it. Many thanks for your parcel recd thro' the hands of Mr Graves.

If you have remaining on hand some copies of Sergt Talfourd's 1st Speech,1 pray send me at least three, when you send the books—I have already mentioned this wish to the Sergeant—

What success has attended his Tragedy2—he is an astonishing man—for talents, Genius, and energy of mind. Mention Miss Lamb to us when you write—and with our Love to her, and give our kindest regards to your household. We expect our daughter home in about 10 days.

  • Ever faithfully yr much obliged        
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth  

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Editor’s Note
1 There were six new sonnets included in the body of the volume, and six added in an appendix while the sheets were going through the press. Confusion arose over the exact number of new sonnets because an asterisk was omitted before the sonnet At Dover (PW iii. 198) on p. 212.
Editor’s Note
1 Introducing his Copyright Bill on 18 May 1837. It was subsequently published by Moxon, and later included in Three Speeches … In Favour of a Measure for An Extension of Copyright, 1840.
Editor’s Note
2 The Athenian Captive, 1838.
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