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John Donne

Helen Peters (ed.), John Donne: Paradoxes and Problems

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problem xviii

Critical ApparatusCritical Apparatus Why doe women delight soe much in feathers?

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Critical Apparatus
Title: soe] omit 1652
Critical Apparatus
1 and] omit TCC
Critical Apparatus
2 instability. As ed.: instability, as TCD
Critical Apparatus
3 would they also bee] … be alsoe S: they would be 1652
Critical Apparatus
5 VarroPlumarios ed.: the vulgar Edition call Pluminarios TC, S 962: the vulgar Edytion call Pluminaries S: the vulgar call Pluminaries 1652; see note
Editor’s Note
l. 5. Varro … Plumarios. Varro, which was omitted in all witnesses to this version of the text, refers, as Evelyn Simpson noted {Prose Works, 144) to Varro's Cato vel de liberis educandis, quoted by Nonius Mariellus, De proprietate Sermonum 162.27 M = 239 L. The vulgar Edition is the Vulgate, Exod. 35. 35. Cf:
We have sometimes mention in Moses his book of Exodus, according to the Romane Translation, Operis Plumarii, of a kind of subtle and various workmanship, imployed upon the Tabernacle, for which it is hard to finde a proper word now; we translate it sometimes Embroidery, sometimes Needlework, sometimes otherwise, (Sermons, l. 252).
The reading of 1652, Pluminaries, gave difficulties to the editors of OED, who, finding no other instance of the word in English, explain '? a worker or dealer in feathers'. The line is defective in all witnesses to this version of the text and has been supplied from the text in Group III, Ash 826, R.
Critical Apparatus
6 love] have 1652
Critical Apparatus
7 to love the] the more S
Critical Apparatus
9 chaunge] changing 1652
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