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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 11: January 1822 to June 1824

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note3092To Francis Place28 April 1824 (Aet 76)

  • Q.S.P.
  • Wednesday Night
  • ½ past 11.

Dear Place.

100£ is nothing for such a purpose and from such a purse:2 if Burdett will give 500£, I will give 100£, If instead of 500£, his contribution were 1000£ say rather 2000£ the proportion would be rather more exact. I pg 438understand this to be for the building. If he gives no more than 100£ I'll give no more than 20£.

  •                                                             Your's ever
  •                                                                  Jeremy Bentham

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Editor’s Note
3092. 1 BL Add. AB 27,823, fo. 342, In the hand of Doane, signed by Bentham. This letter concerns a donation by Bentham to the London. Mechanics' Institution. The letter is filed in the Place Papers with other correspondence concerning the Institution, and dated by Place 28 April 1824: see ibid., fo. 300. Bentham had sent an earlier donation: see letter 3016.
Editor’s Note
2 Place had recorded a donation of £100 from Burdett, having been instructed by Burdett on 27 April 1824 to put down whatever sum Place thought 'handsome': see BL Add. MS 27,823, fo. 333. Sir Francis Burdett (1770—1844), radical MP for Westminster 1807–37.
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