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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note1519To Edmund Estcourt14 March 1800 (Aet 52)

Q.S.P. 14 March. 1800—


Through the liberality of Mr Hodges, who has two Leases (one in his own right the other as Executor to Mr Fortey whose Widow2 keeps the Ship Public House) held under Mr Foley, I was in hopes of doing without the Lease granted by the Marquis of Salisbury to the pg 267said Mr Foley. But in the Lease in which Fortey is interested are these words—Covenant of indemnity 'against the performance of the Covenants or either of them contained in a certain Indenture of a Lease whereby the said Anne Foley holds the said premises'

From Mr Hodges I learn, that Mr Norris3 of Lincolns Inn is concerned for Mr Foley, and it is supposed has in his possession the Lease referred to.

Should this be the case, I should suppose that, on a Receipt from you, Mr. Norris would, on your application make no scruple of putting the Lease into your hands for the purpose of my obtaining a sight of it, or would at any rate furnish you with a Copy of these unknown Covenants. In the first case I flatter myself you and he will indulge me so far as to trust me with it for 24 Hours on my receipt, as the going to Lincoln's Inn would occupy a portion of time I could at the present conjuncture but ill spare. I am, etc.

Edm Estcourt Esqr

P.S. Should Mr Norris make any enquiries, you may say to him as from me, that the interests of his Client have not been unattended to, and that when the time comes he will be applied to for his concurrence, but that no such applications have been made to him as to the other Tenants, his Client tho a Tenant not being an Occupier— and it is only of such Tenants as are Occupiers that the Statute speaks. 34 G.3. c.84 §6.

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Editor’s Note
1519. 1 BL VII. 255–6. Autograph draft. Docketed: '1800 Mar 14 / Panopt / J.B. Q.S.P. / to / Estcourt Line Inn / For him to ask Nor / -ris for loan of / Lease to Foley for / 24 Hours.'
Editor’s Note
2 Mary Fortey, Widow of John Fortey, had kept the Ship public house for twenty years.
Editor’s Note
3 Christopher Norris, attorney, 3 Lincoln's Inn, New Square.
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