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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 7: January 1802 to December 1808

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note1957To John White14 March 1808 (Aet 60)


Having about the year 1794 received from the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury a sum of money as part of my expences in relation to the then intended Penitentiary House, and having now lately been called upon by the Commissioners for the auditing of the public accounts, to render an account concerning the expenditure of the sums, on which pg 478occasion it became necessary for me to insert an item respecting the £50 paid to you, I am called upon by an Inspector General of Accounts under their direction to produce a receipt from you to me by way of voucher:

Not finding any such receipt among my papers, I write this to request the favour of you to cause to be written, on the stamp herewith inclosed, with your signature, a receipt to the effect of the form also herewith inclosed:2 in which form you will have the goodness to cause to be filled up such blanks as I have not been enabled tofill up, and to correct such inaccuracies if any, as may happen to be found in it.

I am sorry tofind myself at this distance of time obliged to occasion you any such unexpected trouble. But the Commissioners have power for examining persons upon oath: and it must be a satisfaction to both of us tofind that an operation so much less burthensome as this of writing a receipt will be sufficient for the purpose.

  • I am, Sir, Your most obedient and
  •     humble Servant
  • Jeremy Bentham

John White Esqr

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Editor’s Note
1957. 1 UC cxxii. 66–7. Autograph draft. No address or docket. Headed in pepcil: 'March 1808 / J.B. to White.' For the exact date of the letter, see UC cxxii. 34
Editor’s Note
2 A draft of this form, in Bentham's hand, is at UC cxxii. 66. The form acknowledges the receipt from Bentham on 11 February 1799 of £50 for wharfage rent in respect of sundry parcels of cast iron landed and stored at John White's wharf at Millbank between 1794 and the beginning of 1790, 'all which said parcels of cast iron were ail along by the agents of the said Mr Bentham declared and universally understood to have been adapted to the plan and intended to be employed in the construction of a then intended Penitentiary House'.
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