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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 8: January 1809 to December 1816

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Editor’s Notepg 117Editor’s Note2108To Sir Samuel Romilly31 March 1811 (Aet 63)

31 Mar 1811.

Dr Romilly

The Comforter promised for Saty Mg: this is Sunday Aftn and no Comforter came.2 Here am I with a whole host in league agt me and not so much as one confidential friend. What is to be done? For reasons unscrutable to me it looks as if we were unwillg. If so even shd he call on Monday there wd not be time for assistance that I might have wished to derive from him.3 But any thg is better than nothg.

I know not whether I may not enclose with this the intended introduction of a once intended publication Picture of the Treasury.4 It is nothg for you to read but if he were well disposed wd not perhaps be for him. The use wd be to judge whether proof being made of the probanda5 therein mentioned there wod be any use or need of it for the present purpose viz. the keeping of Panopt. on its legs.

Sitting over me as Judge to pronounce himself guiltless and me guilty here is a man (L)6 who for these 16 years and more has been the instrument of all the evil that has been done to me:

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Editor’s Note
2108. 1 BL VIII. 499–500. In the hand of a copyist. Docketed: '1811 Mar 31 /Panopt /J.B. Q.S.P. / to / Romilly Russ. Sq / —Abercromby non / venit.'
Editor’s Note
2 The 'Comforter' was Abercromby, judging by the docket.
Editor’s Note
3 i.e. time before Bentham's examination before the Penitentiary Committee on the afternoon of Monday 1 April.
Editor’s Note
4 Bentham never completed the account of his dealings with government entitled 'A Picture of the Treasury, with a Sketch of the Secretary of State's Office under the Reign of the Duke of Portland, under the Administrations of the Rt. Hon. W. Pitt and the Rt. Hon. H. Addington'. Only a part of it was published as Letters to Lord Pelham.
Editor’s Note
5 i.e. 'things to be tested or approved'.
Editor’s Note
6 Charles Long, who was a member of the Penitentiary Committee.
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