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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 9: January 1817 to June 1820

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note2541To Elton Hamond10 March 1819 (Aet 71)

Q.S.P. 10 March 1819 Wednesday

Dear Sir

Many thanks for the favour of your letter of the 7th2 received in due course. The £225 is £75 more than I had been led by Mr Place to expect. I behold in the difference the fruit of your good management. Profiting by your kind offer, I accompany this by a letter to the Assignees requesting them to pay the above sum to you: and you will add to the obligation by leaving it for me at my Bankers, Martin and Co,3 as you propose.

As to the meeting this Day sennight for the purpose of expunging the claim of the Exec. of Mr Powel,4 having taken no cognizance at all about thepg 326 matter, I had much rather, if it be possible, avoid giving any vote. But if it be not possible, I had much rather place my vote at your disposal, than at that of any one else.

Being uninformed as to all these matters, I would beg the favour of you to give me the requisite information, in answer to the followng queries—

1. Will a simple letter answer the purpose, or must there be a Warrant of Attorney in form?

2. In either case may the business be done by yourself (the vote given by yourself for me) or must some other person be appointed for the purpose?

3. Could not the letter or warrant be given (to you or such other person respectively) to be used conditionally? the vote to be at your command, and not to be given but in case it should be found to be necessary? That it might be, seems to follow of course,

                                    I am,

                                        Dear Sir,

                                            Your faithful and Obliged

                                                friend and servant

                                                    Jeremy Bentham

Mr Elton Hamond

P.S. The above, unless in case of need, is private to yourself. The letter to the Assignee I enclose in this.5

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Editor’s Note
2541. 1 Crabb Robinson Papers, 7 I.p, Dr Williams's Library, London. Autograph. Addressed: 'To / Elton Hamond Esqr / at the Office of Mr Cranch, Solicitor / Union Court / Broad Street / London.'
Elton Hamond (1786–1819), a former merchant, was an admirer of Bentham's who appears to have been assisting Bentham with his claims on the estate of James Grellier and John Heide Koe. For the bankruptcy of Grellier and Koe see letter 2379 and n. 2.
Richard Cranch was a solicitor of 7 Union Court.
Editor’s Note
2 Missing, but probably reporting on the meeting of the commissioners of bankruptcy to make a dividend of the estate of Grellier and Koe. For notice of this meeting see the London Gazette, 27 February 1819.
Editor’s Note
3 Martin, Stone, and Martin, of 68 Lombard Street.
Editor’s Note
4 Joseph Powell, an Exeter merchant, who had invested a considerable sum in Grellier's enterprises. Powell had recently died, and his executor was William Bowring, a prominent Exeter attorney and a kinsman of John Bowring. The creditors were to meet on 17 March to decide whether the assignees should petition the lord chancellor to expunge the debt owed to Powell's estate. See the London Gazette, 13 March 1819.
Editor’s Note
5 Missing.
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