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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 9: January 1817 to June 1820

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note2448To John Herbert Koe7 January 1818 (Aet 69)

1. Female Serv.2 2. Dun Romilly about Church Cat. 3. Packet for S.B. what day sent? 4. to ask A. Smith3 by what ships J.B. to U.S. went? whether advice of their arrival?

pg 143I have to thank you for yours4 contained in the monthly parcel. Yes, by all means be they purchased: I mean the missing numbers of Nicholson:5 Place, in pursuance of the offer he was kind enough to make will manage it.

Watson's Life,6 if concupiscence prompt him he may obtain for me in the same mode as he did Lardener, if not it may wait until I come. Well done virtuous Bickersteth!7 from Place I have heard what had been done by Jones Burdett8 for Chrestomathia: but at whose instigation that remained a mystery which you have now revealed.

Virtuous Bickersteth! I must feast him: at any rate if he procures any more money for Chrestomathia.

Romilly and Church Cat. He, as you have repeatedly been informed, engaged to note as he read such passages as to him should present themselves as dangerous: and even at my desire, to suggest such amendments, as he thought might ensure safety. Before this he must have bestowed upon it all yt time (if any) which he can have found to bestow upon it or ever can find unless it be in some future holliday time which the service can not by any means afford to wait for wherefore I wish you would without loss of time obtain it from him by all possible means, and return it hither without any further delay than what will be Necessary for running over with your eye the passages marked by him which if any can not be numerous: and if Place wd. likewise look it over in that view so much the better.

This review of Codification Papers,9 as you imagined I shall not here10 or look at unless special occasion shd. require. According to what I hear of it, I do not owe him for it any bad gré.

You do not mention your having written to my Brother as he desired:11 if you have not I hope you will, though it be but a line or two without further delay. Mention thereupon to him, and repeat to me as near as you can remember the day on which the packet designed for him, and intended to be sent through Sir Charles Stuart under cover to Countess Berthollet was delivered to Mr. Stavely, if to him according to the intention you were mentioning to me, it was so delivered. Ere I close this letter I intend to insert apg 144 list of the Articles which by a Memorandum I have I find I intended shd. be sent to him by that conveyance: mentioning at the same time whether according to the instructions which I intended to give and believe myself to have given a letter was written, and sent along with them to Countess Bertholet mentioning the occasion of their being sent to her, and authorising her to detain Thomsons' Chemistry12 for her, and her husbands reading. The articles which had been designed for Say or for divers other persons through Say, and which, I had expected to find to have been also included in the packet to Countess Bertholet, I hear from Place were sent by him to Say through some other conveyance, and that he had heard of their having been received.

Adams Smith. Virtue will consist in seeing him and obtaining if possible, an answer to the following questions viz. 1. First packet of Letters to U.S. in the newspaper form, to or for what ship delivered, on what day, and whether any intelligence of her arrival at any, and what port, and on what day, has been received? 2. Like questions respectg. packet the Second consisting of 50 do.

Eyes rather better than worse. No time for hearing or reading this over: but I do not apprehend any very material mistakes.

Yes; the powers that be are perfectly well content to receive the subordinate you propose.13

Articles intended for S.B. 1. Chrestomathia Part II 2. Plan Cat. 3. Church Cat. 4. Codification Papers. 5. Defence of Economy against Burke. 6. Do. against Rose if out. 7. Spring of Action Table—quere? 8. Thomson's Chemistry, new edition.

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Editor’s Note
2448. 1 Koe. MSS. Part autograph, but mainly in Colls's hand. Docketed: '1818 Jan 7 / J.B.' Addressed: 'To / J. Herbert Koe Esqr / Lincolns Inn / London.' Postmark illegible. Stamped: 'CHARD / 142'.
Editor’s Note
3 Adams Smith.
Editor’s Note
4 Missing.
Editor’s Note
5 See letter 2446.
Editor’s Note
6 Richard Watson, bishop of Llandaff. His son Richard published Watson's autobiographical Anecdotes, London, 1817, 2nd edn., London, 1818.
Editor’s Note
7 Henry Bickersteth (1783–1851), later Baron Langdale, a chancery lawyer, subsequently master of the rolls.
Editor’s Note
8 William Jones Burdett (1775?–1858), brother of Sir Frances Burdett. See Correspondence, viii. 520 and n.
Editor’s Note
9 Romilly reviewed Papers Relative to Codification and Public Instruction in the November 1817 issue of the Edinburgh Review (xxix. 217–37).
Editor’s Note
10 A slip by Colls for 'hear'. Bentham probably dictated this letter.
Editor’s Note
11 See letter 2441.
Editor’s Note
13 Probably an allusion to the 'Female Serv.' mentioned at the start of the letter. Mrs Stoker was presumably 'the powers that be'.
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