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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 10: July 1820 to January 1821

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note2784To Louis Le Dieu30 July 1821 (Aet 73)

Queens Square Place Westminster

Monday |    | July 1821


It has not been for want of sensibility, to the value of the offer contained in your very obliging letter,2 nor to the honour done me by it, that I have thus long delayed making my grateful acknowledgements for it. For this long time I have been in almost daily expectation of the completion of the printing of the accompanying little tract, being the second of those published for me by Hone, relative to Portuguese and Spanish Affairs.3 Of the first our friend Bowring can scarcely I think have failed supplying you with a copy; but, to obviate accidents, I send one of that, with two of this, to accompany it. I have not yet settled with myself for what particular purposes, any more than at what exact time, to cast myself on your charity. One however I will venture already to mention, for which I am not in much apprehension of your feeling repugnance. This is the translation of a letter, which I have it in contemplation to write, to President Boyer, 4 in company with an offer of codification,5 intended to be circular, copies to be conveyed as opportunities offer to Spain and Portugal; together with the several pg 363off-sets, democratical as well as monarchical from those two monarchies. At this instant comes another occasion of a very different nature, on which I find it necessary to request your advice and perhaps assistance. In a letter received t'other day from Bowring dated Paris 23 July,6 is the following passage: 'Instanter. To be sent 10 Copies on the Liberty of the Press to the French Legation, directed to His Royal Highness the Duke of Orleans7—Of this hereafter.' The instanter was disobeyed, though as it seemed but for a day, for the purpose of employing the opportunity in making amends for an accident which had befallen a former little packet by the sudden illness of a person bound for Paris, to whom it had been intrusted. Solicitous to make the most of the opportunity, in conformity to the presumed inclinations of those by whom it was afforded, I have ventured to avail myself of it by the adding a few articles, which I was sure Bowring would be glad to receive, and the sight of which, or some of them I thought might perhaps prove more or less acceptable to your Royal friend. In pursuance, as I thought, of that same instruction, I put up the papers in question in a sheet of paper directed to John Bowring Esqr. Grand Hôtel de Stollande etc. on the left hand |    | with my name at bottom. This, tied up with tape and sealed, I inclosed in another sheet, directed 'For the Duke of Orleans, to the care of the French Mission. By order of his Royal Highness.' By one of my young men, who (I propose) shall bring this to you, it has just been taken to the French Ambassador's in Portland Place and brought back.8 I had been under some apprehension, lest my name, should it happen to be more or less known at the Ambassador's might, if thus connected with his Royal Highness be in some way or other prejudicial to him; I therefore directed my messenger to avoid mentioning from whom it came. The consequence was that they would not receive it there. Rather than hazard the mention of my name coupled with the circumstance of my wish to have concealed it, it seemed to me that I could do no better than to send the packet Sir, to you, begging the favor of you to do or direct whatever may be most proper in relation to it.9

                                I am, Sir, with the truest respect

                                    Yours    Jeremy Bentham

Mr. Le Dieu

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Editor’s Note
2784. 1 UC x. 68. Draft in Colls's hand, with additions and corrections by Bentham. Docketed: 1821 July 30 / J.B. Q.S.P. / to / Le Dieu at Genl Dumour. / Little Ealing.'
Editor’s Note
3 i.e. Three Tracts relative to Spanish and Portuguese Affairs. The first work published by Hone was On the Liberty of the Press, and Public Discussion.
Editor’s Note
4 Jean-Pierre Boyer (1776–1850), President of Haiti since 1818.
Editor’s Note
5 It appears that Bentham did not in fact write to Boyer until December 1822. See UC lx. 88–90, 94, 110.
Editor’s Note
6 Missing.
Editor’s Note
7 Louis-Philippe de Bourbon, duc d'Orleans (1773–1850), later King of France 1830–48. A friend of Dumouriez, he had defected with him to the Austrians in 1793. Orleans returned to France at the Restoration, but his liberal views led to a brief period of exile from 1815 to 1817.
Editor’s Note
8 Doane, according to Colls's journal, BL XXVII. 83.
Editor’s Note
9 The packet contents, listed in Colls's journal, included British newspapers and periodicals, seeds for Sir Samuel Bentham, and copies of On the Liberty of the Press and the Three Tracts.
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