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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 10: July 1820 to January 1821

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note2687To John Bowring17? September 1820 (Aet 72)

Q.S.P., September, 1820.

Dear Sir,

Now that you have taken me under your protection, there are some hopes for me. I am a hardworking, pains-taking man: a lawmaker by trade—a shoemaker is a better one by half—not very well to do in the world at present: wish to get on a little: have served seven pg 66apprenticeships, and not opened shop yet; make goods upon a new pattern: would be glad to give satisfaction: anything that may be thought wanting in quality, should be made up for in cheapness: under your favour could get up some choice articles for the Spanish market: would not interfere with my protector: scorn any such thing: mine a different line: would allow a per centage for agency, if agreeable. A few samples were circulated some time ago by an agent of mine, M. Dumont, of Geneva: think they were approved of. He has set up for himself, and got a job there. I let him have some of my tools and materials. He was forced to take in partners. They had been so used to the old way, that they were a little awkward at the new one: they have been coming out by degrees; still it is but up-hill work. He would have had me take the job in hand and go through with it. If I lived, so perhaps I might one of these days, rather than the thing should not be done; but the market there is so narrow. Spain! Spain! there is something like a market! An order from that country would make a man work early and late.

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Editor’s Note
2687. 1 Bowring, x. 516, where it is described by Bowring as 'one of his earliest letters to me'. Colls's journal makes note of several letters from Bentham to Bowring in September 1820, but most of them were simply dinner invitations. This might be an extract from a letter of the 17th, in which, according to Colls, Bentham asked Bowring 'to speak a word for him to some of his friends [in Spain], of more consideration than Mora' (UC cvi. 254).
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