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pg 138XCIX

  • 1Surripui tibi dum ludis, mellite Iuuenti,
  • 2  suauiolum dulci dulcius ambrosia.
  • 3uerum id non impune tuli, namque amplius horam
  • 4  suffixum in summa me memini esse cruce
  • 5dum tibi me purgo nec possum fletibus ullis
  • 6  tantillum uestrae demere saeuitiae.
  • 7nam simul id factum est, multis diluta labella
  • 8  guttis abstersti mollibus articulis
  • 9ne quicquam nostro contractum ex ore maneret,
  • 10  tamquam commictae spurca saliua lupae.
  • 11praeterea infesto miserum me tradere amori
  • 12  non cessasti omnique excruciare modo,
  • 13ut mi ex ambrosia mutatum iam foret illud
  • 14  suauiolum tristi tristius helleboro.
  • 15quam quoniam poenam misero proponis amanti,
  • 16  numquam iam posthac basia surripiam.


Editor’s Notepg 139Editor’s NoteXCIX

  • 1Honeyed Juventius, while you were playing I stole from you
  • 2  A sweeter kiss than sweet ambrosia.
  • 3Yes, but I didn't get it scot-free, for I remember
  • 4  Being stuck for more than an hour on a cross
  • 5While I made my excuses to you but could not move
  • 6  Your cruelty one bit with all my tears.
  • 7For hardly was it done before you drenched your lips
  • 8  With water-drops and wiped them with soft knuckles,
  • 9Lest anything infectious from my mouth remain,
  • 10  As though it were some pissed-on whore's foul spittle.
  • 11Besides you were not slow to hand wretched me over
  • 12  To angry Love and crucify me every way,
  • 13So that for me that kiss was now turned from ambrosia
  • 14  To something sourer than sour hellebore.
  • 15Since you propose this penalty for a wretched lover,
  • 16  Henceforth I'll never steal a kiss again.

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Editor’s Note
Juventius playing up; contrast XLVIII. This is the next longest of the elegiac epigrams after LXXVI.
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