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  • 1Commendo tibi me ac meos amores,
  • 2Aureli. ueniam peto pudentem
  • 3ut, si quicquam animo tuo cupisti
  • 4quod castum expeteres et integellum,
  • 5conserues puerum mihi pudice,
  • pg 186non dico a populo—nihil ueremur
  • 7istos qui in platea modo huc modo illuc
  • 8in re praetereunt sua occupati—
  • 9uerum a te metuo tuoque pene
  • 10infesto pueris bonis malisque.
  • 11quem tu qua lubet, ut lubet, moueto
  • 12quantum uis ubi erit foris paratum;
  • 13hunc unum excipio, ut puto, pudenter.
  • 14quod si te mala mens furorque uecors
  • 15in tantam impulerit, sceleste, culpam
  • 16ut nostrum insidiis caput lacessas,
  • 17a, tum te miserum malique fati,
  • 18quem attractis pedibus patente porta
  • 19percurrent raphanique mugilesque!


Editor’s NoteEditor’s NoteXV

  • 1Recommending to you my love and me,
  • 2Aurelius, I ask a modest favour—
  • 3That if in your heart you've ever longed
  • 4To seek out something pure and unspoiled,
  • 5You'll guard the boy for me modestly,
  • pg 196Not from the public—I'm not afraid
  • 7Of those going to and fro about
  • 8The square intent on their own business—
  • 9It's you I'm scared of and your penis,
  • 10That menace to good boys and bad.
  • 11Wield it anywhere and -how
  • 12Ad lib, given the chance, outside,
  • 13With this one, I think, modest exception.
  • 14But should ill will or mindless madness
  • 15Drive you, villain, to the crime
  • 16Of treachery against my person,
  • 17Ah then you'll rue your wretched fate
  • 18With feet trussed up and backdoor open,
  • 19Run through with radishes and mullet.

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Editor’s Note
A paradoxical development of the conventional commendatio or letter of recommendation, of which a collection is to be found in Book xiii of Cicero's Letters to his friends. Catullus threatens Aurelius with the punishment reserved for adulterers if he makes a pass at his boy-friend. In 16 nostrum caput is probably ambiguous, referring to Catullus and to the boy.
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