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  • 1Quid facit is, Gelli, qui cum matre atque sorore
  • 2  prurit et abiectis peruigilat tunicis?
  • 3quid facit is patruum qui non sinit esse maritum?
  • 4  ecquid scis quantum suscipiat sceleris?
  • 5suscipit, o Gelli, quantum non ultima Tethys
  • 6  nec genitor Nympharum abluit Oceanus.
  • 7nam nihil est quicquam sceleris quo prodeat ultra,
  • 8  non si demisso se ipse uoret capite.


Editor’s NoteEditor’s NoteLXXXVIII

  • 1Gellius, what does he do who lusts with mother and sister
  • 2  And flinging off tunic stays awake all night?
  • 3What does he do who won't let uncle be a husband?
  • 4  Do you know how great a crime he commits?
  • 5He commits, O Gellius, one which neither furthest Tethys
  • 6  Nor Ocean, Sire of Nymphs, can wash away.
  • 7Beyond that there's no worse crime he could perpetrate,
  • 8  Not if head down he were to mouth himself.

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Editor’s Note
The objectionable Gellius re-appears from LXXX and is now given the exceptional distinction of being the target of four consecutive epigrams. The reason for this special treatment appears in the last of them: he had betrayed Catullus' friendship by carrying on with Lesbia.
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