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  • 1Gellius est tenuis. quid ni? cui tam bona mater
  • 2  tamque ualens uiuat tamque uenusta soror
  • 3tamque bonus patruus tamque omnia plena puellis
  • 4  cognatis, quare is desinat esse macer?
  • 5qui ut nihil attingat nisi quod fas tangere non est,
  • 6  quantumuis quare sit macer inuenies.



  • 1Gellius is slender. Of course. His mother's so kind and so fit
  • 2  And his sister so attractive
  • 3And his uncle so kind and the whole place so full of female cousins.
  • 4  Why should he stop being thin?
  • 5Even if he touches nothing but what it's forbidden to touch,
  • 6  You'll find there's plenty cause to keep him thin.

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