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Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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Ad Solem.⟩

  • 1WHerfore peepſt thou, envious daye?
  • Critical Apparatus2We can kiſſe without thee.
  • 3Lovers hate the golden raye,
  • 4  Which thou bearſt about thee.
  • pg 4525Goe and give them light that ſorowe
  • 6  Or the ſaylor flyinge:
  • 7Our imbraces need noe morowe
  • 8  Nor our bliſſes eying.
  • Critical Apparatus9We ſhall curſe thy curyous eye
  • 10  For thy ſoone betrayinge,
  • 11And condemn thee for a ſpye
  • 12  Yf thou catch us playinge.
  • 13Gett thee gone and lend thy flaſhes
  • 14  Where there's need of lendinge,
  • 15Our affections are not aſhes
  • 16  Nor our pleaſures endinge.
  • 17Weare we cold or withered heare
  • 18  We would ſtay thee by us,
  • Critical Apparatus19Or but one anothers feare
  • 20  Then thou ſhouldst not flye us.
  • 21Wee are yongue, thou ſpoilst our pleaſure;
  • 22  Goe to ſea and ſlumber,
  • Critical Apparatus23Darknes only gives us leaſure
  • 24  Our stolne joyes to number.

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Critical Apparatus
⟨Ad Solem.⟩ Ed: no title, Add. MSS. 226o3, 33998, Egerton MS. 2013, Harleian MS. 791, S, TCD (II):printed J. Wilson: Cheerful Ayres (1659), Grosart and Chambers: text from Eg. MS. 2013: punctuation partly Editor's
Critical Apparatus
2 kiſſe] live E20
Critical Apparatus
9 curyous A22, A33, H79, S, TCD: envious E20
Critical Apparatus
19 one anothers feare TCD: one another fear E20: one anothers ſphere A22, A33, S
Critical Apparatus
23 gives] lends A22, A33
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