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Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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Fortune Never Fails.⟩

  • 1WHat if I come to my miſtris bedd
  • 2The candles all ecclipſt from ſhyninge,
  • 3Shall I then attempt for her mayden-head
  • 4  Or ſhowe my ſelfe a coward by declyninge?
  • 5          Oh noe
  • 6        Fie doe not ſoe,
  • 7  For thus much I knowe by devyninge,
  • 8          Blynd is Love
  • 9        The dark it doth approve,
  • pg 454Critical Apparatus10  To pray on pleasures pantinge;
  • 11          What needeth light
  • 12        For Cupid in the night,
  • 13  If jealous eyes be wantinge.
  • Critical Apparatus14Fortune never failes, if ſhe badd take place,
  • 15  To ſhroude all the faire proceedings:
  • 16Love and ſhe though blynd, yet each other embrace,
  • 17  To favor all their ſervants meetings:
  • 18          Venture I ſay
  • Critical Apparatus19        To ſport and to play,
  • 20  If in place all be fitting;
  • 21          Though ſhe ſay fie
  • 22        Yet doth ſhe not denie:
  • 23  For ſie is but a word of tryall:
  • 24          Jealosie doth ſleepe,
  • 25        Then doe not weepe
  • Critical Apparatus26  At force of a faynt denyall.
  • 27Glorious is my love, with tryumphs in her face,
  • Critical Apparatus28  Then to to bould were I to venter:
  • Critical Apparatus29Who loves deſerves to live in a princes grace,
  • 30  Why ſtand you then affraid to enter?
  • 31          Lights are all out
  • 32        Then make noe doubt
  • Critical Apparatus33  A lover bouldly maye take chuſinge.
  • 34          Bewtie is a baite
  • 35        For a princely mate.
  • 36  Fy, why ſtand you then a muſinge?
  • 37          You'll repent too late
  • 38        If ſhe doe you hate,
  • 39  For loves delight refuſinge.

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Critical Apparatus
⟨Fortune Never Fails.⟩ Grosart: no title, RP31, S: also, Chambers reports, in C.C.C. Oxon. MS. 327, f. 21: printed Grosart and Chambers, and, last two verses only, Simeon
Critical Apparatus
10 pantinge;] hauntinge: RP31
Critical Apparatus
14 ſhe badd S : ſhe bidd Grosart: she bids Chambers: the bould RP31
Critical Apparatus
19 and to play RP31, S: and play Grosart and Chambers
Critical Apparatus
26 faynt] fair Chambers
Critical Apparatus
28 were] was RP31
Critical Apparatus
29 princes] Princess Chambers
Critical Apparatus
33 lover] woer Chambers
chusinge] a choosing Chambers
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