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Herbert J. C. Grierson (ed.), The Poems of John Donne, Vol. 1: The Text of the Poems with Appendixes

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To Sr Tho. Roe 1603.

Deare Thom:

  • 1TEll her if she to hired ſervants ſhew
  • 2  Diſlike, before they take their leave they goe;
  • 3When nobler ſpirits start at no diſgrace,
  • 4For who hath but one minde, hath but one face:
  • Critical Apparatus5If then why I tooke not my leave ſhe aske,
  • 6Aske her againe why ſhe did not unmaske?
  • 7Was ſhe or proud or cruell, or knew ſhee
  • 8'Twould make my loſſe more felt, and pittyed me?
  • 9Or did ſhe feare one kiſſe might ſtay for moe?
  • 10Or elſe was ſhe unwilling I ſhould goe?
  • 11I thinke the beſt, and love ſo faithfully
  • 12I cannot chuſe but thinke that ſhe loves mee.
  • 13If this prove not my faith, then let her trie
  • Critical Apparatus14How in her ſervice I would fructiſie.
  • 15Ladies have boldly lov'd; bid her renew
  • 16That decay'd worth, and prove the times paſt true.
  • Critical Apparatus17Then he whoſe wit and verſe goes now ſo lame,
  • 18With ſongs to her will the wild Iriſh tame.
  • 19Howe'r, I'll weare the black and white ribband,
  • 20White for her fortunes, blacke for mine ſhall ſtand.
  • pg 417Critical Apparatus21I doe eſteeme her favours, not their ſtuſſte;
  • Critical Apparatus22If what I have was given, 1 have enough:
  • Critical Apparatus23And all's well; for had ſhe lov'd, I had had
  • Critical Apparatus24All my friends hate; for now, departing ſad
  • 25I feele not that; Yet as the Rack the Gout
  • Critical Apparatus26Cures, ſo hath this worſe griefe that quite put out:
  • 27My firſt diſeaſe nought but that worſe cureth,
  • Critical Apparatus28Which (which I dare foreſee) nought cures but death.
  • 29Tell her all this before I am forgot,
  • 30That not too late ſhee grieve ſhee lov'd me not.
  • 31 Burden'd with this, I was to depart leſſe
  • Critical Apparatus32 Willing, then thoſe which die, and not confeſſe.

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Critical Apparatus
To Sir Tho. Rowe, 1603. 1635–69, O'F: An Elegie.
To Sr Tho. Roe. B (subscribed J. R.), L74: An Elegie, complayning a want of complement in his mistrisse, at his leave-taking. A10: Elegia Vicesima Septima. To Sr Thomas Roe. 1603. S
Thom B, L74, O'F, S: Tom: 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
5 tooke A10, B, L74, O'F, S: take 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
14 I would 1635–69 : it will A10, L74, S
Critical Apparatus
17 goes now ſo Ed: goe now ſo B: growes now ſo 1635–69, O'F: now goes thus A10, L74, S
Critical Apparatus
21 favours, not their B, L74, S: favour, not the 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
22 enough: Ed: enough, 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
23 had had] had not had 1635–69, O'F
Critical Apparatus
24 hate;] hate 1635: hate, 1639–69
now, Ed: now 1635–69: not A10, B, L74, S
Critical Apparatus
26 out:] out. 1635
Critical Apparatus
28 Which (which I dare foreſee) nought A10, B, L74, S: Which (I dare foreſay) nothing 1635–69
Critical Apparatus
32 Willing, Ed: Willing 1635–69 : Willing; A10
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