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Jeremy Bentham

T. L. S. Sprigge (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 1: 1752–76

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Editor’s Notepg 321Editor’s Note165To Samuel Bentham9 May 1776 (Aet 28)

Go now to Battle? Why yes I think you ought for the reasons that you mention—When you go with Mrs. D. I shall go too—You may remember it was agreed between us of old that you should get the first peep of the Archangel2 by yourself.

As to expence G. Guy3 has two legs, has not he? and you have as many—I should humbly conceive those four legs might serve to carry you two without the assistance of any others.

As for coming to town from Battle I see no use for that—You would in that case I suppose come by the Post Coach. But if you walked back to Battle you might in the course of a few days or a week afterwards walk up to town by your own dear self. G.G. would be only an incumbrance.

Dr. M.4 is in town: and will teach me watchmaking. Poore would do the same: but I choose rather to have it from the Dr.

I received yesterday a doz. of Burgundy as a present from Mr. and Mrs. Wise. I was sorry for it—I can't say but it gave me pain to think they should have put themselves to the expence. I have sent a letter of thanks to night of which you may possibly hear from them.

I am grown stupid—Adieu—I have 150 things to talk to you about, but there is no doing it upon paper. One thing I should have told you of before—Wise had been telling me of something that he had tried to do or wished to do—I don't very well remember what— but I believe it was with a Mrs. Worge[?]5 that is a neighbour of his—while Mrs. Wise was in the straw—Oh, say I, I find you are a man of gallantry—No, says he, it's your Brother that is a man of gallantry. How so, says I—He then mentioned your being pretty frequently in Mrs. D's6 Bedchamber—That should not be:—you must take care of those appearances—or it will raise a talk to her prejudice.

pg 322Thursday May 9th 1776

There are some who praise my Fragment most extravagantly— I am to be in the H. of Lords tomorrow to hear a debate on American affairs.7

Q.S.P. went yesterday to see after my Archangel8 and were to return to day—But I have good reason to think that it will end in smoke.

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Editor’s Note
165. 1 B.M. II: 28-29. Autograph.
Addressed: 'To / Mr. Bentham / at the King's Dock Yard / near Rochester.' Postmark: '9 M'.
At Battle was the home of Robert Wise and his wife Sarah Nairne (sister to Mrs Davies). See the address in letter 175, n. 1.
Editor’s Note
4. John Mulford.
Editor’s Note
5. Unidentified.
Editor’s Note
6. Elizabeth Davies.
Editor’s Note
7. This debate was opened by the Duke of Manchester on the occasion of the evacuation of Boston by the British forces under General Howe. Among the speakers whom Bentham may have heard were the Marquess of Rockingham and Lord Shelburne (Parliamentary History, xviii, 1345 ff).
Editor’s Note
8. Presumably Sarah Stratton (see letter 151, n. 1).
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