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Jeremy Bentham

T. L. S. Sprigge (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 1: 1752–76

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note176To Samuel BenthamJuly 1776 (Aet 28)

Je serai demain chez vous—je viens en compagnie de Madame— et Mile…… Je vous les ferez voir pour cet effet tenez vous bien pg 337habillé des 9 heures du matin—elles ne scavent pas que je vous ecris ceci. Vous viendrez chez nous a l'auberge je vous viendrai chercher je resterai avec vous—Adieu mon cher

Dartford 6 ou 7 heures du soir chez le George.

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Editor’s Note
176 . 1 B.M. II: 46–47. Autograph. Docketed: 'I.B. Dartford 1776 about July.'
Addressed: 'To / Mr. Bentham / at Mr. Jos; Davies's / near the Market Place / Chatham.'
Apparently Bentham found that Mrs Brickenden and her daughter, Miss Stratton, were going on a visit to Chatham. Since his brother was at Chatham, he had an excellent excuse for offering to accompany them. Bentham went on horseback, they in their carriage (cf. letter 151, n. 1).
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