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Jeremy Bentham

T. L. S. Sprigge (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 1: 1752–76

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note63To Jeremiah Bentham9 August 1765 (Aet 17)

Hond. Sir

Baghurst I had the pleasure on my arrival here to find my two Aunts2 perfectly well; my Uncle is gone a Journey he was obliged to take in consequence of his place in the Hawker's and Pedlar's Office3; but is expected here some time next week. Mr. Mulford dined here last Saturday se'nnight at which time he was just come off his Warwickshire expedition: he called, I understand at Oxford on his return. pg 93the Country every where hereabouts has been burnt up as much as with us: they have not even had near so much rain, as we had on Saturday and Sunday: butter is at 9d. per £ at Basingstoke. till we came to about Maidenhead yesterday the roads were perfectly sloppy: but all the way from thence there was not the least appearance of any rain. some Company came to breakfast here on Wednesday and carried my Aunt Grove with them the same day to Andover: where she staid till Saturday. but who they were I am not informed.—they have but little Paper here, and I forgot to take some down: I will therefore beg the favour of you to send me a Quire down by Sammy which will do equally as well. My Aunts desire their love and compliments, and are very sorry to hear of your indisposition; but hope soon to hear of your speedy Recovery, as does likewise—

  • Your dutiful and affectionate Son              
  • J. Bentham                              

My Aunt would take it as a favour if you cou'd contrive to send her by Sammy the underwritten Articles: ½£ 10s. Tea: ¼£ 12s. do.: l£ Bohea do.: l£ Coffee.

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Editor’s Note
63. 1 B.M. I: 190–191. Autograph. Docketed by Jeremiah Bentham: 'Recd. 9th Augt. 1765.' Also: 'Jeremy Bentham / Lr. datd. Baghurst / 9 Augt. 1765.'
Addressed: 'To / Jeremiah Bentham Esqr. / at Queen's Square / near St. James's Park / Westminster.' Postmark: '9AV'.
Written while on a visit to Browning Hill, home of his uncle George Grove.
Editor’s Note
2 Susannah and Deborah Grove.
Editor’s Note
3 G. W. Grove was one of the 'riding surveyors' of the Hawkers' and Pedlars' Office in Gray's Inn Road. He held this position, with an annual salary of £100, from 1759 for over twenty years.
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