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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note294To Samuel Bentham23 December 1778 (Aet 30)

Wednesday Decr. 23 1778 Linc. Inn.

I have got for you Sunderland on Ship-building2—Is it not a Book you have been in want of? If not tell me, within this week, and I can return it—it cost 5s.

I have received your's of 22d.

pg 202I should like the scheme of taking the Russian Cub mightily: but for the reasons you mention I have no great idea of it's succeeding. I will think about a method of carrying it into execution. Perhaps I may call upon Sambouski3: our name I believe is known to him; but I fear not in a very advantageous way. All that however is mere conjecture, and I have not time to mention particulars.

What mean you by the Book Ld. Mulgrave recommended you? is not that the very book I got for you? Manuel des Marins4 I think the title of it is.

I will see about Don Jorge.5

If they charge you double at the Post Office for single letters, complain.

I wrote to you by Peake's boy—I thought he was to have set out on Tuesday morning—but I found he was not to set out till Tuesday night.

Here is but an indifferent 3 pen n'orth.

Madam Q.S.P. has lately had a disappointment. Banks6 wrote a letter to C.A. asking him to go on from Geneva with him into Italy. C.A. wrote an answer spelling to be treated. Came a civil reply, but the hint was not accepted.

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Editor’s Note
294. 1 B.M. II: 271. Autograph. Docketed: 'I.B. Decr. 23d 1778.'
Addressed: 'Mr. Bentham / Royal Academy / Portsmouth.' Postmark: '23 DE'.
Editor’s Note
2 Bentham is presumably referring to William Sutherland, author of Britain's Glory, or, Ship-building unveil'd …, 1717; and of The Ship-Builder's Assistant; or, some Essays towards compleating the Art of marine Architecture, 1711. The latter, which was several times reprinted, is perhaps more likely to be the book Bentham had acquired.
Editor’s Note
3 Sambouski was chaplain at the Russian embassy. The scheme was that Samuel should take on some Russian youths as pupils in matters of ship-building etc. and thereby make some Russian contacts and acquire some knowledge of the country. Shortly afterwards Sambouski arranged for Samuel to take on a young Russian called Afanasiev as pupil (see letter 297 etc.).
Editor’s Note
4 This book has not been traced.
Editor’s Note
5 Don Jorge Juan: cf. letter 143, n. 9.
Editor’s Note
6 Joseph Banks: see letter 169, n. 4. 'C.A.' refers to Charles Abbot.
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