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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note328To Jeremiah Bentham17 September 1779 (Aet 31)

Thorpe near Staines Sep. 17 1779

Hond. Sir

I fear it will not be in my power, or at least worth while to either of us, for me to wait upon you at Imley Park. By my Brother's pg 2932d. letter2 which I sent you and which I hope you have ere now received, you will perceive that I have several little commissions to execute for him. I have likewise others besides those. This will make it necessary for me to watch times and persons, and not be absent from London for any considerable length of time. I am likewise a visit in debt to Mr Davies. He happens to have some particular reasons for wishing to see me down at Brompton; now that my Brother who might otherwise have answer'd the same purpose is abroad. There has been a negotiation of, I suppose, a dozen letters between us on the subject; and I am so far engaged by many repeated promises that he could not but take it very much amiss were I to disappoint him. By one which I received from him t'other day I find he is not yet altogether without expectation of being called upon by Lord Howe: to whom I believe a great part of the nation continue to look up with greater confidence than to any other man in his line, notwithstanding the disappointments they have met with in his brother.

I am much obliged to you for your kind offer of bearing my travelling expences: it is true that for a few days or so, I might accept it, notwithstanding any of the reasons that I have mentioned: but for so ⟨short⟩ a time it would hardly be worth while to put you to the expence of a couple of guineas, and myself to the trouble of two Coach—that is sick—journeys one of them by night. You say nothing of the time of your further stay: but I conclude it cannot be more than a month at farthest.

I am just now made happy by a letter from Sam dated Amsterdam Sept ⟨10⟩.3 I hope you will receive it at the same time with this: but his obligations to Lind are such, that as Lind is very desirous of seeing his letters, I can not do otherwise than give him the opportunity; and as some of the intelligence in it is political, and earliness is every thing in intelligence of that sort, I can not wait the return of a packet from Imley before I send it him.

My brother's 2d. letter went from hence on Friday last /the same day I re͠ced it/ directed to Lind. I desired him to forward it the day of his receiving it; and took measures which I hope have proved effectual for it's being forwarded in case of his not being at home. My respects to my Mother and Far. Not to overload the weekly pg 294frank, I have just room to tell you that I am Your dutiful and affectionate Son


I shall take advantage of a cast from our friend the Alderman to return to London on Thursday 23; and from thence the next day or day after shall go on to Brompton. Pray let me have all Sam's letters etc. by that time to shew to his friends there.

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Editor’s Note
328. 1 B.M. II: 380. Autograph. Docketed by Jeremiah Bentham: 'Fils Jeremy / Lr datd. Thorpe, Surry / 17th Sepr. 1779 / Recd. at Imley Park.'
Addressed: 'Jeremiah Bentham Esqr. / Queen's Square Place / Westminster.' This letter was sent to Queen's Square Place, so that it could be included in the weekly frank to Jeremiah Bentham at Imley Park, Northamptonshire.
Editor’s Note
2 Meaning (it seems) the second actually sent from Holland, i.e. the one finished on 3 September (B.M. II: 367). See letter 325, n. 2 and letter 327, n. 1. It was forwarded to Jeremiah by Lind (cf. below).
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