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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s Notepg 46Editor’s Note213To Samuel Bentham29 April 1777 (Aet 29)

You forgot my key: I forgot your Book and ½ pint of Laquer[?] We must therefore sign mutual releases. I am in a distressed condition: forced to —t even upon charity.

I am sorry to hear such an account of Patty D. Yes I think you had best mention it to Mr. D. for the reasons you assign.

If I have opportunity I will send you a new ship-building book by Nairne's conveyance: if not, by some other.

Wise has been in town—He was with me on Friday and Saturday. He was to have gone out of town yesterday: and on that account to have called on Sunday evening: but he never came nor have I since heard of him. so that I suppose he is gone back again. He shew'd me a note which a man had sent to him promising to give £300 for his interest in the piece of Land, if the Lease it is now under can be vacated, which W. thinks it can. He told me Guy had been making a rout; and on that account desired I would look over the draught which he had sent me of the conveyance, which I did, and after making a few alterations gave it him on Saturday.

The book of Hume's you mention is I believe that you have had in your hands. The third volume of it relates to Morals. Dr. Hurd2 is alive and alive like. Bishop of something I forget what—and alas! alas! Preceptor to the Prince of Wales.

I think of treating myself this afternoon with 5s. worth of Music at Forest's concert at the Haymarket Theatre. All manner of people perform Solos: which is the Music I delight in.

Wilson and I in thy boat? no, my dear Sam—we are not naughty London Apprentices, that we should be put into Little-Ease.3 It were purchasing Sea-Sickness at too dear a rate.

pg 47Old Vernon Mrs. Browne's Father died about a month.4 I heard it for the first time just now from Q.S.P.

As to saying any thing to Mr. about Guy and W. I can say nothing to it. You must use your own discretion. It may very likely be of use. It depends upon what you wrote about W. before.

Tuesday April 29 1777

Linc. Inn.

I have got Priestley's 3 Vol. on Airs.5 I won't send it you—shall I? for fear of it's making you idle.

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Editor’s Note
213. 1 B.M. II: 110–117. Autograph.
Addressed: 'To / Mr. Bentham / at the King's Dock Yard / Rochester.' Postmark: '29 AP'.
Editor’s Note
2 Richard Hurd (1720–1808), then Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry and later Bishop of Worcester. Distinguished for his editions of Horace. In 1759 he had edited Warburton's Remarks on Hume's Natural History of Religion, and thereby much annoyed Hume. He also published various dialogues featuring historical characters ranging from Henry More to Locke.
The previous reference is of course to Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature.
Editor’s Note
3 Little Ease was a place in the Guildhall in which unruly apprentices were placed. The cell was too small for adoption of a comfortable position.
Editor’s Note
5 Cf. letter 105, n. 2. The third volume has just been published.
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