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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 2: 1777–80

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note230To Samuel Bentham19 January 1778 (Aet 29)

Linc. Inn. Monday Jan: 19th 1778

What's the matter with you, you Mr. Sam, that you don't write. Don't forget the letters of which I must have the whole farrago pg 79to shew Wilson from the first time the dining scheme was in agitation—in short from the first time when Wises affairs came upon the carpet.—Those to Mrs. D. as well as those to you.

We must know the exact day when the Bailiffs came into possession of the goods at Russel's. You and Mrs. D. together can recollect it. Thursday 27th Novr. I find it was that I gave William2 the Guinea for his journey from Battle to tell us of it. This I think was the morning he returned. Wednesday then was the day he came. It was at 1 o'clock in the afternoon he said that the Bailiffs came. This then I think could not have been the day he came, but the day before; viz: Tuesday. Tell me if I am right. Lose no time—write by return of post. I am afraid of being too late.

Another thing I want to know is when the goods were seized at Robin Phipps's. When they were seized at Janningo's[?] and Dame Margam's I know.

I have just received from Polhill a catalogue of the things he sold with the prices they sold for. It varies very much from the list of prices sent by the Corporal and Peter. But I imagine it to be a fair account as the sum total is within a trifle the same.

If I understand the matter right there were two seizures at Rob. Phipps's. The last I received an account of from Peter and the Corpl. the day you dined with us in Bow Lane. The things they took there were all in Dame Margam's part of the house. What they took before was partly in her territories, partly in Robin's.

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Editor’s Note
230. 1 B.M. II: 152–153. Autograph. Docketed: 'I.B. Jany. 19th 1778.'
Addressed: 'Mr. Bentham / at his Majesty's Dock Yard / near Rochester.' Postmark: '19 IA'.
This letter and letter 232 are somewhat obscure. Possibly Robin Phipps, Dame Margan, Janningo and Russel were tenants of a house or houses owned by Wise, and furnished with his effects which had been seized on behalf of his creditors. The only house we know of owned by Wise was the one he agreed to mortgage to Mrs Acworth and which eventually he had conveyed to her. We have presumed that this was the house at Battle in which he lived.
Polhill was probably auctioning the effects seized on behalf of the creditors. Peter and the Corporal seem to have been friends of the Wises in the district, or perhaps servants.
Editor’s Note
2 Wise's servant (cf. letter 236). The journey was from Battle to Brompton.
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