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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 3: January 1781 to October 1788

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note624To Jeremiah Bentham31 July 1788 (Aet 40)

Hendon July 31st 1788.

Hond. Sir

The inclosed contains some farther particulars of the Russian naval—and some interesting accounts relative to French affairs.

pg 628I promise myself the pleasure of calling on you the latter end of next week. If your bed should be occupied it will make no difference to me, so long as the couch is not. But my plan is to return in the evening, if I do not find the walk more tedious than I expect.

You will of course return these Newspapers—I need not repeat that request in future—

  • Your's ever             
  • J.B.                  

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Editor’s Note
624. 1 B.M. IV: 477. Autograph. Docketed by Jeremiah Bentham: 'Fils Jeremy B. / Letter datd. Hendon / July 31st 1788 / answered by Letter / datd. P. Heath Augt. 4th / with the Leyden Gazette etc. enclosed.'
Addressed: 'To / Jeremiah Bentham Esqr. / at J. Farr Abbot's Esqr. / Putney Heath.' Post mark illegible.
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