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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 3: January 1781 to October 1788

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Editor’s Notepg 81Editor’s Note411To George Wilson13 September 1781 (Aet 33)

Sept. 13th Thursday

Yesterday came here in the evening a Mr. Ernest,2 a heavy-looking good humoured sort of a German, intimately connected somehow or other (I can't yet tell how) with Count Bruhl,3 through whose means he came known to Ld. S. /In the chaise/ With him came his servant also a German who before bedtime got drunk, and deposited his carcase in the housekeeper's room, instead of his ⟨own. Go⟩4ing downstairs to a certain place after I had been up to ⟨bed I me⟩t the housekeeper upon the staircase, who being a neighbour, open'd her hard case to me. Finding remonstrances ineffectual, we got a couple of the men who hawled him away and left Mrs. Housekeeper to her repose.

Yesterday also came Parson Townsend. I have not yet had any private communication with him. Illness in his family prevented his intended journey into Northamptonshire. The same illness may perhaps prevent my visit to him.

Today came a letter announcing an intended visit from a certain Ld. / and Lady/ Tracton.5 This Ld. Tracton is Ld. Ch. Baron in Ireland. His father was an attorney and did Ld. S's. business there.

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Editor’s Note
411. 1 B.M. III: 231. Autograph. Written on pages 3 and 4 of a double sheet of notepaper (page 4 bearing the address), from which the other half bearing pages 1 and 2 has been detached and is now missing.
Addressed: 'George Wilson Esqr. / Thorpe / near / Staines.' Postmark: '15 / se.' Printed, Bowring, x, 99–100.
Editor’s Note
2 Not identified. Bentham understood him to be the Saxon minister in London (letter 412).
Editor’s Note
3 Presumably Hans Moritz, Count von Bruhl, of Saxony, on whom see also letter 403, n. 6.
Editor’s Note
4 Here, and also a few words further on, the writing has been obliterated by the seal.
Editor’s Note
5 James Dennis (1721–82), who held the office of Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland with the title of Lord Tracton. In 1769 he married Elizabeth Pigott.
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