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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 3: January 1781 to October 1788

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Editor’s Notepg 111Editor’s Note419To George Wilson7 October 1781 (Aet 33)

Bowood Oct. 7. 1781

Your's of the 29th of Septr.2 I think I acknowledged in my last, which I believe was dated Wedn. 3d instant:3 since then nothing very particular has occurred in this place. That same day I think it was, came Hamilton (of Payne's-hill) and his wife from Bath:4 Ld. Shelburne sent his carriage for them; and sent them back yesterday. Hamilton has been giving his assistance in laying out the grounds here. He is an old man of 75 or 76, and is besides very much afflicted at times with the stone: but this time he was very cheerful and alert. There came at the same time a Mr. Tonge or Tongue,5 who has no connection with them; but as it happen'd came and went on the same day with them. An insipid insignificant man, who lives at Bristol: I could perceive no other bond of connection than the circumstance of his having once rented a house about a mile from Ld. Shelburne's which his Lordship has just pulled down.

On Thursday came General Johnson, a neighbour of Ld. Shelburne's: he is Equerry to The King, and had been in waiting.6 He is an old man, is deaf at times, and has got the nick-name (so I learnt by accident) of Old Sulky. He travels in a leathern conveniency of the same name. The account he gives of Governor Murray quadrates very exactly with that which Barré was giving; and being a government man may the better be depended upon. He has a son there, to whom he acknowledges that Murray has been very kind, and that there does not appear to be anything of passion to corrupt his judgement.

pg 112Since my last I have reced. a letter from Q.S.P. at Bath,7 in which (blessed be God therefore) he tells me there will be no occasion for me to go to Oxford, for that C. Abbot has no competitor, and looks upon himself as sure. I had asked him about the price of ratteen cloth, which I had heard from Barré was as cheap there as Broadcloth in London, viz 18s.: Q.S.P. upon inquiry confirmed that idea, and in the overflowings of his affection offer'd me a coat of it as a Bath present: so away go I on cock-horse to Bath tomorrow morning to be measured for it. I shall return in the afternoon.

A day or two ago I received a letter from Sam, dated Catherineburgh and Nigni-Taghill.8 The bad news it contains is that he has lost a portable Barometer and gold to the value of £13 or 14 by the breaking of a phial of quicksilver by the overturning of a trunk: the good news that the model of his plane-engine is finished, and 'succeeds to the satisfaction of every body.['] The Engine itself would have been finished but for a vacation of 6 weeks which the workmen have on account of the harvest; the time for which in that country being short requires as many hands as can be muster'd.

I wait only for Parson Townsend to quit this place. I can not think what is become of the man—he leaves me in an ⟨awkw)ard predicament—he was to have been here on Wednesday ⟨There⟩ is now nobody but Miss Fox and Col. Barré. Adieu—I send you a frank for Davies.

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Editor’s Note
419. 1 B.M. III: 251. Autograph. No docket or address, but from internal evidence clearly to George Wilson, and so printed by Bowring (x, 113–14).
Editor’s Note
2 Missing.
Editor’s Note
5 Not identified.
Editor’s Note
6 Probably lieutenant general James Johnston, colonel of the 11th regiment of dragoons (d. 1795). He appears to have been an equerry continuously since 1761. As this office required periodic attendance at court, identification of its holder with his namesake, lieutenant general James Johnston (c. 1721–97), colonel of the 6th regiment of dragoons, seems less likely, since this man was lieutenant-governor of Minorca from 1763 to 1774 (The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole's Correspondence, ed. W. S. Lewis, ix, 245, n. 1 and 28 n.).
Editor’s Note
7 Missing.
Editor’s Note
8 B.M. III: 196–8, partly printed as letter 397.
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