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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 4: October 1788 to December 1793

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note895To Benjamin Vaughan8 April 1793 (Aet 45)

Monday April 8th 1793

Along with my humble respects, I send Mrs. Vaughan2 half the mortal part of a little innocent, whose education was carried on under my own eye. His physical qualities are well spoken of by the learned: and in respect of moral qualities he was at least upon a par with those individuals of our own species who are the only ones that have a vested remainder in a certain kingdom,3 on which pg 425you appear to set a value, before the sentence of proscription had been passed on Kings and Kingdoms. The immortal part began to wing its way yesterday evening about 6 o'clock. Q.S.P.

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Editor’s Note
895. 1 American Philosophical Society. Copy.
No clue to the subject of this letter appears elsewhere and one can only conjecture that Bentham was sending Mrs Vaughan half an animal, probably a lamb, slaughtered the previous evening.
Editor’s Note
2 Sarah, daughter of William Manning, a prosperous London merchant, married Benjamin Vaughan in 1781.
Editor’s Note
3 Bentham is referring facetiously to the 'kingdom of heaven', comparing the slaughtered 'little innocent' to the 'little children' in the Authorized Version of the Bible: 'for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven' (Matthew, 19: 14; Mark, 10: 4); or possibly 'the poor in spirit' (Matthew, 5: 3).
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