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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note1100To Sir John Scott11 January 1796 (Aet 47)

Q.S.P. 11 Jany 1796


Understanding that doubts have arisen in relation to my Contract with the Treasury since the Draught has passed from Mr pg 175Sollicitor General's hands into yours, I hope I may without impropriety request the indulgence of being permitted to attend you on the subject for the purpose of using my humble endeavours to remove any such doubts, and of being heard if necessary pro interesse meo before any Report is made to the Treasury importing any departure to my prejudice from the terms which appear upon the face of the Draught to have been agreed upon, beyond what has already resulted from the alterations which Mr Sollicitor found it necessary to make. Mr Sollicitor, to save circuity, was pleased in compliance with an application of mine similar to the present to transmitt to me his intended alterations previously to his returning the Draught to the Sollicitor to the Treasury.

When you are apprized, Sir, as Mr Sollicitor by a letter of mine of the 8th of October2 was apprized 'that my original proposal in relation to this business was delivered so long ago as Jany 1791, that my amended proposal was accepted so long ago as July 1793, that in the course of that and the following months I was repeatedly called upon to 'take my arrangements' accordingly—that arrangements were accordingly taken by me at an expence still going on and amounting already to upwards of £10,000 an advance not comprised in the conditions and such as my property will but ill bear either in respect of the nature or the extent of it, especially under the uncertainties that have been hanging over my head, my anxiety to embrace every possible chance of removing further delays and difficulties will I flatter myself not be received with less indulgence by Mr Attorney than it met with from Mr Sollicitor General. From a note of his dated 31 Decr3 in which he expresses himself unable to guess for what reason it had not at that time been transmitted to me, adding that he concluded the business had been long ago compleatly arranged I find that the subject at that time at least had never happened to come upon the carpet betwixt you and him. If it were to become so, you might learn, Sir, if it were worth while, from the papers transmitted to him, other instances of hardship with which I forbear to trouble you—I have the honor to be with all respect

  • Sir Your most obedient             
  • and humble Servant            
  • Jeremy Bentham            

Mr Atty Genl

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Editor’s Note
1100. 1 B.L. VI: 139–40. Autograph draft. Docketed: '1796 Jany 11 / Panopt / Brouillon / J.B. etc. etc. / Atty Genl Linc. Inn.'
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