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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note1164To Samuel Bentham15 August 1796 (Aet 48)

Q.S.P. 15 Aug. 1796

Collins insults you, and says you don't know how to get Boys: he got five of them to one girl.2

Your invisible Master3 got made infamous—I hope that is all he will get by his activity. Calling on Harries4 this morning I found him in possession of the infamous-making letter which Long after pg 245a flying visit of half an hour had (he said) put into his hands.5 The name not having been mentioned, he did not know who it was I meant: being informed, he seemed to treat the opponent as lightly as could have been wished. But you know how little dependence is to be placed there.

Lord White6 has taken me into his protection. Puss himself (Sir Tho.)7 could not have treated me with more condescension than his Lordship did but now.

Letter from the Admiralty that your £2000 is ordered.

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Editor’s Note
1164. 1 B.L. VI: 256–7. Autograph. Addressed: 'To / General Bentham / etc. etc. etc. / Dock Yard / Portsmouth / On his Majesty's service.' Postmark (partly blurred): 'AU.15.96.'
Editor’s Note
2 A reference perhaps to Samuel's illegitimate daughters: it is known that he had two by a Mrs Maria Burton, who mentions them in a letter to John Herbert Koe, 24 April 1816 (Koe Mss in the possession of Mrs Hyde-Smith at Wilbraham Temple, near Cambridge).
Editor’s Note
3 Lord Spencer.
Editor’s Note
4 Not identified.
Editor’s Note
6 Bentham's way of referring to Joseph White.
Editor’s Note
7 Not identified.
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